Welcome to the Department of Physics & Applied Mathematics!

Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics prepare specialists for the fields of most powerful growth in Russia and all over the world. These fields determine modern trends of the evolution of human civilization: high dominance of information technologies and development of futuristic technologies based on the laws of quantum mechanics.

The guarantee of successful job placement and future career for our graduates is active scientific work, that is carrying out by our professors and other staff. This work allows to use in educational programs modern achievments, which is not reflected in textbooks and being under discussion of scientific community.

The department is one of best equipped in the University. There are a number of educational and scientific laboratories on informatics and physics. Computers and office equipment, laboratory equipment is being renew and modify regilary. All the equipment is available for students and post-graduate students, who performs laboratory works, course and diploma projects, scientific researches within the bounds of grants and scientific programs, under the supervision of professors of the department.