The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics (FAMP) was established in 2006. After restructurization of the University in 2011 the faculty is in the structure of The Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Bio- and Nanotechnologies. There are about of 500 students from Russia and CIS countries at the faculty.

Teaching is organized on six main areas of bachelor’s and master’s degrees: «Applied Mathematics and Informatics», «Fundamental informatics and Information Technologies», «Mathematical Support and Information Systems Administration», «Mathematics and Computer Science», «Laser Enegineering and Laser Technologies», «Nanotechnologies and Microsystem Engineering».

Graduates of the faculty have the opportunity to attend postgraduate studies for a degree of physics and mathematics, information and technical areas. The best students and postgraduates regularly become fellows of the President and the Governm

ent of Russia, regional and city administrations, the University Council, and have the opportunity to study and training in the scientific and educational institutions of the European countries.

The faculty consists of five departments which are mainly specializing in Natural Science and Mathematics: «Physics and Applied Mathematics» (P&AM), «General and Applied Phisics» (G&AP), «Functional Analysis and Applications» (FA&A), «Algebra and Geometry» (A&G), «Fundamentals of Nanotechnology and Theoretical Physics» (FN&TP).

There are a number of scientific-educational Centers at the faculty: Educational-scientific Interregional Center of High-Education and Academical Science «Fundamental researches in physics»; Regional Center-Branch of the Agency of the MOE of Russia on Monitoring and Prognosys of Emergencies; Regional Laser Engeneering and Technological Center; Experimental Country Ground; Branch of Internetional Laser Center of the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University; Innovative Scientific-Educational Center; Scientific-Educational Center «Phtonics and optoelectronics»; Design Department on Software Engineering; Scientific-Educational Center on Geophysics «Geophysical observatory».

There are 85 lecturers at the faculty. About 85% of them have scientific degree.

Graduates of the faculty work in commerce, state scientific-educational organizations, municipal and state authorities of Vladimir Region, Moscow, Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg, Italy, Germany, England and other countries.

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